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20 A funny generation
20 is a humorist strip series, whose characters are guys twenty-years older, particularly a circle of friends where you can find every kind of exponent of the youth: there is the unlucky and penniless boy who loves the most beautiful girl of the neighbourhood, the desperate boy because he's never lucky in love, the plump girl, the silly boy who think himself handsome, etc...If you recognize itself in these types, if you are or were guys disappointed in school, family, job or other ones...or simply if you have nothing to do... Enjoy your reading!!


The parody

You can find in Comicomix the first episode of a comic freely (very freely!) drawn from "Decameron" by Boccaccio...! A comic to make you laugh but also to make you know the most important and beautiful stories from one of the masterpieces of the Italian literature


Comics...before besides

Before doing this site we did comics...And besides "20" and "The Parody", we like doing other strips...Comics are our passion, and we hope you enjoy these ones too...

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