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Foto Eros e Alice

Name: Eros Righetti
Nickname: Rosi
Age: 21
Residence: Perugia, Italy
What are you doing: I'm studing at the University, I'm playing in a band (I play the bass) and I'm an actor in a theatre company
Technique: Ink. I learnt to use it during a course with Claudio Ferracci
Role in the site: I'm the draftsman and the inker. I invent the stories too
Preferit comics : Ratman, Dylan Dog and Popeye
Prefrit draftsman : Claudio Villa

Name: Alice Cipiciani
Nickname: Jolly
Age: 21
Residence: Perugia, Italy
What are you doing : I'm attending the University and I've studied classical, modern and contemporary dance since 13 years
Technique: Coloured ink. I'm a self-taught woman
Role in the site : I'm the colourist. I do the technical parts of the site too
Preferit comics i: Disney comics, Dylan Dog and Ratman
Preferit draftsman: Don Rosa

Collaborators: Christian Biccini (The Biccio) for the stories and Anna Cipiciani for the Gallery

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