It was lot years ago when we were children and we spent our time reading every kind of comics...During this (long!) period in what Rosi's beard begun to grow and Jolly have her hair dyed about 175 times, we've been able to create this site that is VERY important for us...We have a lot of "fans" (more then we thought in the beginning) and this fact causes happyness but also criticisms and the birth of some questions about our artistical (or not) choises...So, since we haven't secrets (except Jolly's original hair colour, but also her mother don't know it very well), here you have all the enigmas about Comicomix!


To really know why we chose quirky comics, we need to return to the old time when little Rosi (that even for everyone was Eros) devoured bread and comics like Mickey Mouse and Popeye. Our fanciful draftsman tryed already to create little stories that he never finished. Once, when he was 7, begun a story with all Disney's characters...He ended at page nine because he finished the ink...And the story stayed there. The revelation arrived when he saw the movie "Frankenstein junior” by Mel Brooks…It was the comicality he wanted to realize. And when he read "Rat-man" ( a famous italian comic by Leo Ortolani) he saw that "it can do that"...In the meantime he met a certain Christian called Biccio, and they've started a collaboration that continues also now.Their passion in common for Mel Brooks and Leslie Nielsen's surrealistic, mad and sometimes refined style brought them to preserve every kind of vicissitudes in their life and to see them on a funny way...In fact it's from the everyday life that come "20" stories. But the turning point arrives only when Rosi bumped into Jolly...When she was still Alice, she could spent all day looking at those strange books full of pictures and colours and incomprehensible (for her) hieroglyphes that human beens called Mickey Mouse. In the long run, instead of playing with Barbies like every pretty children, our spare-time painter enjoyed herself filling copybooks with her pictures...And the pictures stayed there. When she was older with red hair...sorry,blond...ehm, I mean...Yes, copper hair! she descovered Marvel Universe and was enchanted at those beautiful pictures with their wonderful colours and she thought "Wish only I can colour like this!". And with the Witch (an italian comic by Disney Italia) she understood that was that her aim. She was thinking this when she met Rosi and she fell in love with...HIS PICTURES,obviously!And when he gave her coloured inks it started this strange thing you can see here.


It needs to find funniness in every situation (to do this Rosi is better, but what do you want, some things are peculiarities of particular species and not of other ones), from a fly that is drowned in your Bailey's glass while you're being cool with a girl, to the car window that remain open when outside is 200 degrees centigrade below (real events)...Talking about the real achievement, it starts with the ideation and then we have the writing, the division of the scenes and of the strips (so, all the things that nobody thinks when read a comic but that are very difficult...Luckily we have Biccio who do this for us!!). Then, Rosi do the draft in about 2 minuts...Adding the twelve hours he spent in ravings, doubts and reflections. So, Jolly colours, abusing a lot our draftsman who always fills his strips of mouthes without outlines and complicated and detailed backgrounds that make her crazy, only for YOU!!! After, Rosi inks and Jolly does the lettering (often with Anna, her sister and good painter, and also pretty dancer) and the work is ready to be read by the FANS (!)


Because no one(or almost) does it else and we love being special!!! We're joking...but not completely!!! Also because "20" is a comic that talks about youth and it's taken from real life, so we think that the free-hand colour and lettering make the readers close to the comic...And it results more genuine; on the contrary, colouring with the computer we have an effect too detached...And also...we aren't able to use computer!!!


This question isn't pertinent of this text...Go on.


Food, rain, rock'n'roll, dance, Dylan Dog, my tatoo, theatre, the sea, chidren, orchids, coffee, candles, beer and all drinks, dogs, my sister and my brother who is alweys with me, cats, cigarettes, friends who are with you not forever but a little at least, the moon, the heat (not too much), sweets, Paulo Coelho, Donald Duck, Goofy and all Disney company, the movie "Dead Poets Society", the literature, Rat-man (God save it!), white sheets when you have a lot of ideas, Nino Manfredi Bruce Willis Alberto Sordi Robert De Niro e Renato Pozzetto, incense, bracelets ringsnecklaces earrings and all knick-knackery that makes noise, my car, the fire, Leslie Nielsen, beautiful music, money (when we have it!), my bass and Alessandro Baricco.


Indifference, bad things that happen and you can't change, figs, who criticizes your works and doesn't see its, envious men, dance house and R&B music and however music done only to get money and not to communicate something, closed pubs, payment parkings, incompetents, machos, reality shows...And stop, to say the least!!!

N.B. If you are able to understand what are statements by Rosi and what ones by Jolly...You are the best!!!

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