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A short description of our characters

Rosi e Jolly
Rosi is a pretty boy, very unlucky and penniless, always trying to create a sensation to Jolly,the most beautiful girl of the neighbourhood, a very pretty, chatterer and ginger girl. They are neighbour and since a lot of years he loves her, who maybe returns or not returns...However, they spend their time flirting and confiding in their friends, a circle of twenty-year-old guys, friends from immemorial time.



Biccio looks like Bud Spencer and he's desperate because girls keep away (very!) from him.It's a pity, bacause he's shy, funny and sensitive. He is Rosi's best friend.


Tall and slim, Dario is a very absent-minded freak, but he hides a very good brain. Because of his mysterious appearance (and the boxer in view) girls annoy him...Even his little sister, Betta.


Betta is Dario's little sister, she's 14 years old, very sugary, and she stays always with her brother, because she wants to stay with his circle of friends. She loved old-fashioned clothes and she's crazy about Jolly.


Blond Beniamino thinks him very handsome but is silly, so he's unlucky with girls, apart from one, Luciana, who persecutes him. He hates his name and with his possible conquests he pesses himself off as Ben.


Plump, without style in wearing and make-up: Luciana loves Beniamino and thinks he seems like Brad Pitt ( she needs a beautician but also an oculist) and she always trys to draw his attention, in vain.


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