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Number zero


First strip can't be forgotten !




Or, the strategy for Jolly's conquest


Higher and higher !


Mishap of two unlikely baby-sitters


Saturday night fever...or not ??


Beniamino forever !!!

Feminine psychology

Poor who makes us enraged !


This is Biccio on the phone...!?



Biccio and...the phone !


I've found a job !


He's doing it for her


Where is Beniamino ?


Luciana is coming !


With or without...a woman !

Biccio and his troubles...

Promotion Rosi works hard !
Because the night... .......sometimes is a surprise !
My hard earned money... ..finally, I 'm rich !
Hide-and-seek A new strip with the happy couple
With or without...a woman ! - The sequel Biccio and his troubles... again !
Beauty or the beast ? Betta is trying to become a pin-up
Working class Par condicio
With or without...a woman ! - Third part Biccio and his troubles... again and again!
Merry Christmas ? A burglar at my home?
Good lunch ! Biccio, women!
Twenty 20 Danger! Danger!
Acid girl Pay attention to Jolly!
Love is love! There's something about Jolly
Dear Jolly, only for you! Poor Rosi !
Go Benj ! Luciana's looking for you!
Furious Biccio ! Without a woman...
Money Money Usual troubles for Rosi
Pay attention! and..usual troubles for Beniamino
Holyday What a wonderful day !
Let's go boys ! Rosi & Biccio's tourning point
Merry Christmas ! Santa Claus, What are you doing ?

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